Tan Kiat Wee

Thanks for visiting! Let me introduce myself, I am Kiat Wee and welcome to my page where I hoped you can learn something new about “stuff” as well as me and what I do!

I am currently a Research Engineer with LiveLabs, Singapore Management University. Before that, I was a PhD/MSc student with the School of Information Systems in Singapore Management University (left the PhD program).

I am still working with Associate Professor Rajesh Krishna Balan (my then PhD supervisor) on mobile application development for LiveLabs as well as helping out in research pertaining to Mobile and Pervasive Computing.

I welcome and feedbacks or comments you might have on  with my site or the things that I do. I will be most delighted to discuss with you further! So do drop me a line!

Updated as of Apr 2018.

Welcome to my humble abode!