About Me

Hi! Now something about me, I am Tan Kiat Wee, Kiat Wee is my given name. Currently, I am working as a Research Engineer with the LiveLabs, Singapore Management University.

Professionally, I am a software developer as well as getting my hands wet in academic research but I am also a huge (literally) geek in all things technology that can make an impact in people’s everyday life. Specifically in areas in Mobile & Pervasive Computing and Human-Computer Interaction. Take a look at my resume.

I am still evolving this site, this site was previously hosted on my university site during my graduate time. Now, I am hosting this page myself, I have a lot more freedom to include more light-hearted material in this site. So do dropped by again to see updates and changes!

Contact Me at

I am located at

Office: Urban Lifestyle Innovation Platform

School of Information Systems

Level 2

Singapore Management University

80 Stamford Road Singapore 178902

Email: williamtan@smu.edu.sg

Tel : (65) 6808 5411

This is me presenting our paper at Ubicomp13 Zurich Switzerland (Location at ETH Zurich, Hönggerberg)